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Our 12-week Better Back school will be relaunching in 2018. Stay tuned.

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A real game changer for me in what I can do at home, wonderful self discovery of new ways to move and of myself. I find this the best form of self-care and the membership is such a great bargain. It’s not just a bargain but also the best quality.

Delicious, try it! Julie Fortenberry

Depending on my need each day, my membership allows me to check-out adventures with movement from my toes to my head and all parts in between.

Loving these explorations!Kathleen Jacobs

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  • Personal Practice

    Integrating self-care and growth into daily living is key.

  • Releasing Movement Habit

    We all have habits that have outlived their usefullness

  • Finding Ease and Joy

    Experience ease and joy through better movement, better thinking

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