Now here is a site worth delving into. You will love Cynthia Allen’s voice, the clarity of her teaching and the playful spirit she brings to movement. Also listen to Larry Wells on how to improve the quality of your sleep, so vital for all aspects of well-being. I am recommending this library to many of my clients. Enjoy!

Carol Montgomery, Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner
Greetings to those of you who need a nudge to invest in this treasure of audio and video lessons on movement with 24/7 access.

It’s hard to believe it is already time for me to renew for the 2nd year. Two of my favorite lessons have become Bones for Life BOW & ARROW, evening the pelvis by gently nudging my legs toward equal length and the Shoulder Restoration series. It has really helped lessen the impingement and increase the flexibility of my shoulder, reducing pain.

Each visit to this library, I’m impressed with the high quality and fluidness of the well prepared presentations. And, there is always a little surprise; which plant will add some serenity and what color shirt will Cynthia wear to add the final bit of pizzaz?

Kathleen Carels
A real game changer for me in what I can do at home, wonderful self discovery of new ways to move and of myself. I find this the best form of self-care and the subscription is such a great bargain. It’s not just a bargain but also the best quality.

Delicious, try it!
Julie Fortenberry

I am enjoying the on-line library that Cynthia is providing. I can bring a class with Cynthia into my living room whenever I desire. The library gives me the freedom to explore my body and make discoveries and open myself to new ways of movement.

Penny Costilla
Cynthia Allen is a mastermind of how the human body works, and it is truly magical being able to experience her expertise in my own home. It continues to amaze me how, after some simple, gentle movements, I am able to do a movement that I once thought impossible. I injured my knee from running and couldn’t run for a while, and these movement sessions have enabled me to run again.

As a working professional and mother of a school-age child, I simply don’t have the time to squeeze in a movement class each week at a specific time, and these online sessions enable me to fit these in when it is convenient. And, there are a number of shorter sessions for busy people like me that I can do during a break. Many of the longer sessions are recorded in front of a live class in a natural, unrehearsed manner which puts me at ease. When I close my eyes, the ambient sounds of the classroom transport me there. And, it almost feels like Cynthia can see me as her gentle coaching to her live students often applies to something I am doing too. Cynthia has a soothing voice and fun sense of humor which make the movements relaxing and enjoyable.

Depending on my need each day, my subscription allows me to “check-out” adventures with movement from my toes to my head and all parts in between. Loving these explorations!

Kathleen Jacobs, Massage Therapist