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If you are looking for something more in your personal and professional movement practice...

The doors are closed for this membership and will reopen in late 202o. Email to be put on the waitlist.

The Feldenkrais Method® has several components that can be the difference that makes the difference.

Sensing more deeply

The pace at which Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® lessons are taught, along with the directed attention, allows students to truly feel what they are doing and how they are changing.

Finding new, painless pathways

Because the method is not about achieving a particular posture or stretch but the process of discovering new possibilities, it can serve as a wonderful base for any physical or emotional practice.

Pam stretching feldenkrais pose
Man in feldenkrais pose on side

Releasing compulsive action

Movement patterns run deep. Helping students or yourself discover dysfunctional patterns and interrupt them is an aspect of the Feldenkrais Method. Telling someone what they are doing isn’t enough. They need to find it for themselves.

YOU and your clients can move better, feel better, live better!

I love the philosophy of the Feldenkrais Method where the goal is to move with the most ease rather than the most effort, which goes against most of we've learned in Western Medicine and exercise.
I teach some of the movement patterns from the lessons to my clients to help reinforce our manual therapy.
Personally, the lessons in Your Learning Body helped me get back to consistent running and even doing a half marathon.
Jay Harnett, DPT
Physical Therapist -

What is Your Learning Body?

An online community using Feldenkrais®, Bones for LIfe, Sounder Sleep, NLP
and other somatic explorations

Join this on-line membership where expert instructors Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells partner with you around health and potential through the Feldenkrais Method® and related approaches. While we did not form this membership with the rehab or movement professional in mind, we have discovered that almost 50% of our members join with professional needs in mind. It is also true that most have their own movement challenges and while they are helping themselves, they also pick up nuances to language and approach that they find transferrable to their own clients. We will walk with you on a path to success. You will find kindred spirits, be inspired and experience improvement quickly. You know who you were meant to be and how your body wants to move; you just need a path to claiming that potential.  REGISTER NOW — PROGRAM STARTS November 18, 2019.

What it includes

The Core

  • A clear Path to Success that you can use to monitor your progress. This includes six weeks of LIVE training. [Value $600]
  • Over 40 short downloadable Feldenkrais video lessons to do anywhere when time is limited. [Value $400]
  • Full-length, downloadable Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons for deeper transformation - over 150 lessons. [Value $750]
  • Monthly Live Sessions where Cynthia or Larry can personally interact with you face-to face. [Value $500]
  • Regular email messages with guidance and inspiration. [Value $325]
  • A discussion group where you can talk with the Your Learning Body community about your experiences, questions and ideas.


Bonus #1:  Sounder Sleep System lessons
Downloadable audio lessons to destress and get a great night’s sleep. We have also found these lessons very valuable for anxiety and chronic pain. [Value $90]

Bonus #2:  Select Bones for Life lessons

Both video and audio, we’ve selected key lessons that everyone needs for bone and joint health as well as for healthy posture. [Value $200]
Bonus #3:  Neuro Linguistic Programming meditations

These downloadable audios will take you back to the place of innocence and foster resilience. [Value $100]
Bonus #4:  Guest speakers and teachers

A lot goes into reclaiming health, so we will tap others who have developed a unique way of helping you get more from life. [Value $500]

Total core value $2,575

Total bonus value $890

Complete membership value $3,465

Yearly Membership

$ 297 Yearly
  • 3+ months free--every year because this is a new platform!

Monthly Membership

$ 28 Monthly
  • You can cancel at any time, but you won't want to!

Other cool features

While lessons are arranged into recommended series, you can search for the just perfect lesson by:
Lesson length
Body area
Difficulty level.

You can also keep your own personal notes online with each lesson.

Private discussion group.

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Experience ease and joy through better movement, better thinking.

icon-FLNO-lotus- light-colors

Go from wear and tear to wear and repair.

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With the support of a community and the ease of learning online, you can integrate self-care and growth into daily living.

Your expert guides

Cynthia Allen

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner,
Senior Trainer in Movement Intelligence
Co-creator of Integral Human Gait

Larry Wells, M.Div, MSW

Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
NLP Trainer and Consultant
Sounder Sleep System Teacher

Q. Do I need to be online or have a web camera to benefit? 
A. While we do have downloadable files, this is an online program. You will want to be comfortable with basic use of a computer and the internet. You do not need a web camera.

Q. Will it play on my computer, ipad, tablet or smartphone? 

Q. What if I can’t make the live sessions?
A. We will record live sessions and post them for later viewing.

Q. Is this a renewing subscription?
A. Yes it is. You can cancel at anytime but it does auto renew.

Q. What is the refund policy?
A. 30-days no questions asked

Questions? Let's chat by email

30 Day- Money Back Guarantee
No questions asked.

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