About Us

Future Life Now OnLine is an adventure of partners Cynthia Allen and Larry Wells. They have a brick and mortar, real live practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you want to schedule a private session with them (in person or via video conference) or attend one of their classes in person, visit futurelifenow.com.

Cynthia Allen

Feldenkrais Teacher
Movement Intelligence Senior Trainer
Integral Human Gait co-creator

I have been hanging out in the world of wellness long before it was a fad. In fact, I started my healthcare career in an award-winning wellness and occupational medicine program at St. Joseph Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska over 30 years ago. Recently, when cleaning out the basement, I found an old T-shirt from that program. Now that was trippy.

I continued in healthcare program development and practice management with a specialty in ambulatory care centers. In my 30’s that all began to change. I was blessed to explore many modalities in my own healing with wonderful results, and my heart increasingly longed to be in the holistic healing arts. Then my life was profoundly changed by the Feldenkrais work. And well, yes the rest is history.

I am an artist at heart. I love to create. The on-line programs spark my creative self. And although we aren’t in the same room at the same time, you and I are still co-creating possibilities which is highly rewarding and pleasurable. 

I am a graduate of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Education and certified by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America as a Feldenkrais Practitioner. I am also a Senior Trainer in Ruthy Alon’s body of work, Movement Intelligence, which includes Bones for Life, Walk for Life and Mindful Eating.

I have collaborated with Carol Montgomery to create Integral Human Gait™ theory. This theory addresses how walking (gait) is fundamental to the physical, emotional and spiritual health of humans. Throughout the U.S., I offer continuing education programs for physical, occupational and massage therapists and athletic trainers, as well as certify teachers in Movement Intelligence programs.

Most important to me is helping people be in charge of their own lives. Awareness and life-long learning yields resilient, vibrant, self-driven lives. This is what my work is all about.

Larry Wells

Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Trainer and Consultant
Sounder Sleep Teacher

If it’s the journey, not the destination, that really counts, then I have had a journey with a theme. When in elementary school my best friend, Gene Villigan, and I were given extra math problems, not as a punishment but for the sheer joy of doing math and to keep us busy, since we had completed our regular assignments. It was so much fun that in the 9th grade I decided to become a math teacher and hoped to help others to enjoy math as much as I did.

I went on to earn a BS in Secondary Education in Math and Science. During the 6 years I taught, I became involved in a local church and eventually responded to a call to Christian ministry where I could help people find joy and meaning in life. I served as a pastor for twenty years and did a lot of counseling.

As people shared their struggles, I realized I need a more equipped tool box to help people quickly and effectively and eventually discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). For me, it was love at first experience. NLP was not only useful in helping people resolve social and emotional problems, but was useful in overcoming or getting through physical illnesses. Eventually I facilitated a cancer support group and saw remarkable results.

1994 marked another huge change for me as I answered the call to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming in an even larger way. I Future Life Now, LLC. And pursued a master’s degree in social work. Which led me into a 13-year career in substance abuse treatment, as a counselor, supervisor, and eventually organizational development director. I now use NLP to help those with chronic pain and sleep disorders.

The theme is and always has been: How can I help others discover the life they want to live? As my NLP trainers say, it’s all about creating a world to which people want to belong.