Feldenkrais and the Holidays: 2020 Style

The holidays can be hard even in the best of times. Throw in a little stress, some Covid-19 worries, and isolation and you’ve got a volatile mix that can reduce the best of us to some stress-relieving tears. This holiday season is stacking up to be a doozy.

Whether you’re still in lockdown, waiting for your turn with the vaccine, or just trying to manage your regular holiday stress – the Feldenkrais Method™ can help. In fact, we think that an Awareness Through Movement® class is an ideal way to power through the holidays.

Are you still planning a marathon day of cooking so your holidays can feel “normal,” even if you can’t all be together? Or are you one of those people who find that baking is the ultimate stress reliever? Even if you’re going to avoid the kitchen, you’ll still find situations where you’re forced to stand for an extended period of time. If this causes you some pain or if posture is a problem for you, these tips are golden. Each exploration is short, so you can pause it any time. Try out the tip. Then resume when you’re ready for a new one.

Follow the link 15 Exercises to Save Your Back Standing in the Kitchen | Feldenkrais style – YouTube to this lesson for 15 exercises to save your back when you’re standing in the kitchen or anywhere. Do you get tired, have back pain, maybe some knee pain? There are little movements and adjustments you can make that let you stand longer without pain. One thing you’ll learn, it all depends on where you “hang” out.

Think of these standing tips as a way to holistically integrate your mind and body in a way that you can practice and recognize throughout the day. Little touchstones on your daily path to remind you that others are there with you. We’re all together in this.

Wishing you the happiest holiday season, filled with joy!

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