Winding Up for the New Year? Not So Fast.

In Sleep, Uncategorized by Larry Wells

The hubbub and rushing around of the holiday season are over. How wonderful that season can be and also how exhausting. Now it’s the New Year. Typically a time for planning, goal setting and building up steam to charge ahead. But wait a minute! Doesn’t that just extend the hubbub and rushing into the New Year? That just keeps the …

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Pain Meds and Chronic Low Back Pain: Do They Work?

In Back Pain, Uncategorized by Cynthia Allen

Do pain meds help with chronic low back pain? That is a question that has been being asked quite a lot the past few years. Now that the addiction to opioids has turned into an epidemic that leads to heroin addiction, the question is more relevant than ever.The New York Times editorial board recently issued an opinion piece, The Insanity ...