The Principle of NOW: Nervous System

In feldenkrais, Walking by Cynthia Allen

Ways and rituals for dropping into the present moment are a well-traveled road. Meditation, yoga, centering prayer, the sound of a bell or the lighting of a candle. Any of these can be valuable for entering now. One could say, at least in terms of marketing, being in the now has become a national obsession. As with idea of being …

The Principle of Good Enough

In feldenkrais, Walking by Cynthia Allen

There was a time I was hungry to discover that I was good enough. I didn’t need to keep striving, struggling or trying to be different. Hallelujah! I was good enough. If you have done any kind of self-help work or psychotherapy, you have probably encountered the value of accepting yourself and others as is. But that actually isn’t the topic …

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Quieting the Nervous System | Feldenkrais lessons

In feldenkrais, Video by Cynthia Allen

A disordered nervous system is a noisy one much like a lot of radio stations playing at once or electronic static that makes it difficult to tune into what the useful information coming our way. There are many reasons for this noise. Past trauma, missing development links, and chronic pain are among them. In this video, Cynthia Allen offers a …

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How Your Back MRI Results Are Misleading You

In Back Pain, feldenkrais by Cynthia Allen

And Why It's Important to Know by Cynthia Allen, GCFP, STMI If you see this image below and it scares you, you aren't alone. If you have been looking at your MRI results and getting depressed thinking there is no hope, I have hope for you. If you have back pain, but haven’t had an MRI, you may be among ...