Better Back with Cynthia Allen

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A better back. A better life.

The diagnosis, the therapy, the analysis, has not resolved your pain problem.

You don’t know what is going wrong. The MRI or X-rays haven’t told a whole story.

You’re still in pain. You’re missing out on a more complete life.

You want to move better. You want to function better.

Surgery is guaranteed — to make things different.

The good news is, you have the amazing ability to get better.

A program for back health and wellness.

Better Back is the online, non-surgical program that combines movement and awareness to reclaim back health.

It develops awareness of body —and mind— for a healthy back.

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Developed from a career in movement practice.

It’s a unique program integrating modalities and techniques in new ways.

Developed through Cynthia Allen’s professional expertise, this approach has been successful with thousands of clients.


Reclaim your back health.

The program works with awareness, mental, and movement exercises to reclaim your back health.



Move out of the thinking cycle that perpetuates pain and limitation. Move and think yourself well.

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Intelligent motion throughout the day is key to reclaiming back health.

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Become aware of habit, flow, and sensation. Physical feedback is a gift.

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Become your Better Back expert.

Starting Wednesday, October 4, we meet at 4:30 EST so Cynthia can guide you through the 12 weeks online program. This with Cynthia will bring awareness and movement that will serve you well for a lifetime.

  • Program format:

    • 3 group video conferences for 75-90 minutes
    • Weekly Better Back email and video lesson
    • 1 guest speaker on plasticity and pain
    • Private discussion group
    • BONUS: Access to Sounder Sleep audio lessons
  • Program contents:

    • Your Comfort Range
    • Spread the work throughout your spine
    • Spinal Anatomy
    • Brain, pain and plasticity
    • 5 Pillars of back health

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Join the Better Back program and reclaim your back health.

Cost: $474

payment plan available